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 10 tips: how to take life into your own hands:

  • 1. Make someone else smile. People put off happiness in a long box ... For tomorrow, for the day after tomorrow ... Save it for a loved one. But only one smile can change the world. Just make someone today happy, make him rejoice and smile. It will fill your life with energy and warmth.
  • 2. Be perfect. You are perfect, remember this and do not care what others say and the world. The world, fashion, standards - all makes you doubt your own perfection. We are perfect as we are. Remember this and start living.
  • 3. Enjoy what you are doing. Love the business that you do every day, otherwise your life will turn into a gray routine. Only do what you are forced to smile at. Without the love of the work that you do, even with big money, life will eventually fill with an emptiness that you c ... Читать дальше »
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 7 signs that you should quit and be better sooner than later.

We all want to work in a good team and in a high-paying position. But sometimes our current work is far from what we would like to do for the rest of our lives

However, we convince ourselves: "It's all right, yes, it's not the job of my dream, but at the moment everything is fine." And there's nothing wrong with being comfortable at work. But keep in mind that, satisfaction can easily lead to complacency, and this is already dangerous.

Self-restraint leads to excuses "I'll quit in a few months", "I just do not have time to look for another job" and humility "in general, this is not a bad job." But what is most terrible, self-justification generates fear, which pushes us back. Too many intelligent and talented people stop ... Читать дальше »

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10 selected thoughts of Vadim Zeeland

  •     1. Learn to be bald from bad weather, from queues, traffic jams, problems, any negativity. Such a sort of masochism will gradually clear the sky over your world. You should only think about the benefits that this or other unfortunate circumstance will bring to you. And it will be so - be convinced of this several times.
  •     2. When you stop just wanting and will intend to have, then you will get it.
  •     3. The most difficult thing is to be able to wait, while keeping the master's peace of mind. It is necessary to stand the test with a pause, during which nothing happens.
  •     4. Showing discontent with something or cursing someone - the government, civil servants, football players, the weather, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, not to mention children - you are transmitting an ugly image in the mirror of the world and getting the cor ... Читать дальше »
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Pavel Valeryevich Durov

(born October 10, 1984, Leningrad, USSR) is a Russian entrepreneur, programmer, ruble billionaire, one of the creators of the social network "VKontakte" and the company of the same name; The creator of the cross-platform messenger "Telegram". Former CEO of VKontakte (2006-2014) [2]. In his student years he was a laureate of scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, a three-time winner of the Potanin Scholarship.

In 2001 he graduated with honors from the Academic Gymnasium, in 2006 - the Faculty of Philology of the St. Petersburg State University, majori ... Читать дальше »

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10 rules of a successful and financially independent life.

Anyone who asks himself how to become rich needs to know effective ways to get rich. It will not work if the person dreams about it, and does nothing. The advice of those who are already at the top is dedicated to people who are ready to work, and not wait until the money bag falls on its head. Adhering to the basic rules, it can be possible to become rich or improve your financial situation.

  •     Rule number 1. Do not say the word "I want". Only the installation: "I can become rich." This will help to achieve a lot.
  •     Rule number 2. Every day, devote part of your free time to study the biography of multimillionaires. The most profitable investment is in your knowledge. Thoughts of famous people should be placed in a conspicuo ... Читать дальше »
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30 shocking quotes from Mr. Freeman

  •     Every man is a man with a capital letter, but there are two of us and one of us is already a gov **.
  •     You can stay big and be small.
  •     Fight that there is urine! Defend your values ​​every day. Otherwise, you will remain part of a society where it is more terrible for people to lose a phone than virginity.
  •     Your life is nothing but lies, pornography, bytovuha, Internet addiction and cell mobile slavery. Well, am I not right? Tell me, did you ever do something really out of the ordinary? Never. And you can not. Do you know why? Because all this is outside your comfort zone. You are packed into it. Like a polypropylene bag. You are pieces of meat, squeezed by life and work.
  • ... Читать дальше »
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Before you quit, ask yourself these questions!

Sometimes dismissal is the only way to restore the nervous system, self-respect and hope that someday in the future you will have a decent salary. Perhaps the circumstances were that you decided to pause and devote yourself to home and family for some time. Perhaps you are sure that you will find yourself a more worthy place. You can have very good reasons to say "for now" to your bosses and colleagues. But before you write a statement "on your own", ask yourself these questions!

Question 1
"Can I afford it?"

You can not surely know if you can quickly find another job, so the question of what you will live on until it happens is not an idle one. Ideally, your savings should be enough for 6 months of modest life. So consult consultants on personal financ ... Читать дальше »

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11 tips for achieving your goal!

  •     Think in writing. The goal, which is not on paper, does not exist.
  •     Ask the goal definitely, answering the questions: what, where, when and how?
  •     Limit the goal in time: the goal without time is just a dream.
  •     Think about who will achieve your goal, except for you?
  •     Formulate the goal in the affirmative form in the present tense.
  •     Divide the goals into subgoals, prepare a detailed scenario for achieving the goal.
  •     Take responsibility for your actions on the way to the goal.
  •     Determine the intermediate results of achieving the goal.
  •     Think about the goal, not about the means of its implementation. Set the final destination and go.
  •     Create an image of the future ... Читать дальше »
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6 amazing facts about working in Google!


    In the Google office, there is no such thing as a daily routine. Everyone starts work when he thinks fit and ends when he thinks fit. The main factor is that work on the project should proceed in accordance with the plan.

# 2

    Of the 10 sent summaries, Google's HR-service calls up one person. Of the 10 callers for an interview, one person is invited. From 10 interviews one person is invited to work. Thus, the competition in Google is 1: 1000.

No. 3

    It's difficult to get to work in Google, but it's even harder to "fly out" from it.
    California's labor laws are designed in such a way that ... Читать дальше »

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19 good habits that will help you achieve success

1. Communicate. Numerous contacts are the key to success. One will tell you the phone or site you need, another will introduce you to an interesting person, the third will give good advice. It is not necessary to be friends with everyone deeply and around the clock - just keep in touch, allowing anyone at any time to contact people with questions, requests and suggestions. Of course, we are talking about reciprocal communication - you, too, should be open to someone's initiatives and requests. Selfish exploitation of someone's financial, business or intellectual resources will bring you only temporary success.

2. Do not be too modest. You can spend your entire life in a dusty corner without being noticed, even with a huge baggage of merits and talents, if you do not take the initiative. PR of own ideas is an art that you w ... Читать дальше »

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